EAU CLAIRE Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – The Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Office is helping kids affected by tragedy feel a little better. It’s hosting a stuffed animal drive to give kids who are victims or witnesses a boost.

Any child that needs some comfort while at the courthouse can take a stuffed animal to feel more secure. The Victim Witness Office giving kids stuffed animals is not a new initiative.

Deputies say they take any opportunity that they can to hand them out to kids in the courthouse, so they are beginning to run low. 

“You know, sometimes parents have to come to court, and they don’t have anybody to watch their kids. I saw a little girl that was there today and went in and got a little teddy bear and gave it to her. And she just took it and just started, you know, had a big old smile on her face and kind of calmed her down until her mom could have court.”

Donations are being taken from county employees now through December 19th at the courthouse.