CORNELL, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – The Girl Scouts, as a national organization, made the decision to close several camps around the United States due to the issue of owning too many properties. Camp Nawakwa was one of the camps that was set to close until troop leaders, former campers and counselors decided to change that. Our Nawakwa Board President, Sherry Jasper, says, “We formed a business in November of last year and we became a nonprofit in March, and we’re able to work with the Girl Scouts to get a purchase offer signed. So, we will close in January and become the owners, Our Nawakwa.”

Jasper says they plan on doing many renovations before opening the camp again, “Our goal, as Our Nawakwa, is to rehabilitate the camp. In other words, clean it up, fix things, have modern amenities, but still a really rustic setting.”

Not only do they plan on fixing up the camp, but they will be adding new additions in remembrance of Troop 3055 who lost their lives in a tragic accident back in 2018. Jasper says, “We’ve talked with the families and Gina’s family, Autumn’s family, and then also Sara and Hailey’s family, about what can we do to still make camp part of their memory and making them giving kids in the future a way to remember making the world a better place.”

Family members of each troop member who lost their life will be choosing something to add to the camp that reminds them of their lost relative. Including a commercial kitchen and an art studio. Jasper says the new renovations will help create a whole new experience for future campers, “We need spaces for kids to get into nature, to unplug, to be with other kids. They need spaces where with grownups who want to help them, they can become their best selves.”

Jasper also says the camp has been around for almost 100 years and hopes another 100 years is in its future.

According to Jasper, the camp will be open as soon as January for Girl Scouts and summer for other organizations.