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New research is showing that the needle free version of the flu vaccine is ineffective.

An advisory committee for the CDC now says the popular “flu-mist” influenza vaccine has not effectively protected kids or adults against the flu for the past several years.

The FDA approved the nasal spray in 2003, for people between the ages of two and forty-nine,
as an alternative to standard flu-shots. While the flu-mist vaccine isn’t harmful, the Eau Claire city-county health department says it’s best to stick with what’s proven effective.

“Generally, it’s not concerning it’s just they found that the other vaccine is much more effective, especially in children, and so they’re going to recommend that all providers use the injectable vaccine instead of the flu mist.”

The health department says there aren’t expected to be any shortages of the regular vaccine this flu season.

The new recommendation could be reversed when the panel reconsiders it next year. AstraZeneca, which is the company that makes flu mist, said in a statement that other research contradicts the CDC’s findings.

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