Sunscreen ingredients being absorbed into body, more research needed

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Health professionals weigh in

The Center for Disease Control and Federal and Drug Administration say after one application, six active ingredients commonly found in sunscreens can be absorbed into the bloodstream at levels exceeding safety thresholds.

FDA researchers had 48 people apply sunscreen from four different products for a week.

They found six active ingredients were absorbed at levels higher than the amount considered safe.

The scientists say the health impact of the findings remains unclear, and more research is needed.

However, they stress you should still continue to wear sunscreen, which helps prevent skin damage.

“It’s proven that sunscreen can protect us from UV damage and reapplying the sunscreen and I think what’s important is that until there’s more studies that come out to show what’s absorbed and what levels are dangerous that’s when we have to start looking and being more concerned about it,” said Angela Quick, Director at the Prevea Cancer Center at HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital

Health professionals recommend other ways to not get sunburned skin, such as wearing longer clothing and staying in the shade.

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