After a string of internet crimes in Eau Claire, the police department is reminding parents to pay attention to how kids are using their phones.

Officer Bridget Coit says so far this year there has been two cases of sex offenders using social media for illegal activity.

Last week, a registered sex offender was arrested after creating social media accounts under false names and had contacted at least one juvenile female.

In January. another sex offender was charged in federal court after using KIK Messenger to send a link leading to images and videos of child pornography.

Coit says teaching kids about responsibility online is an important conversation for parents to have with their children.

“Really, children want to have those conversations with us, they are looking for guidance. We are their parents, guardians, adults, mentors and like we teach them everything else, we need to teach them about computers and also show that we willing to listen and learn as well,” said Coit.

Officer Coit said parents should spend time with their children online and learn about their interests and encourage them to speak up about any concerns. She recommends parents ask their kids about who they interact with online and educate them on what is appropriate to share.

Some other tips include using parental controls, helping kids use privacy settings and discussing what sites are ok and which ones aren’t.