The city of Eau Claire has renovation plans in the works for the cannery district alongside the Chippewa river, and they are looking for public input.

The plans include forty-seven new townhomes, six new commercial buildings, four of which will have apartment complexes on the top floors, and a new park. The parks office is sending out a survey to see what elements the area should have. 

“The most important thing in a neighborhood park are the people that are going to be using it. That’s the number one reason. You can have all the elements you want but if people aren’t using them, then they’re no good. And that’s what this survey is about, we’re asking people what they would like to see in their park.”

The city is hosting a forum at the L.E. Philips Senior Center Monday at 6:30 pm. If you can’t make it then. The city says it’s planning on hosting another one. It also has an online survey open through November 24th.