LA CROSSE, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Erin Waldhart and her team at Wafer have quite an impressive operation in their new facilities. On the corner of George and Gilette Streets, it’s part food pantry, classroom experience, and ennobling center. Wafer, and more correctly, Waldhart, seems to do it all.  

The Creative and Digital teams at WI-Proud had the pleasure of assisting Wafer with a walkthrough video of the old Gordy’s building they now inhabit. Waldhart would walk us, the viewer, through the store, pointing out all the things they offer as well as what to expect when you come to shop. Waldhart was as easy and breezy as they come. She led us around all while fielding my inane questions and doing the job of Executive Directing La Crosse’s largest food pantry. She was perfection. Lucas Lashock directed and edited the final product. His skills coupled with Waldhart’s professionalism produced a walkthrough that is nothing short of outstanding.

Impressive doesn’t begin to describe all that is going on in the newly renovated Wafer space. You can see in the video that the pantry is something that Wafer, its employees and volunteers (Waldhart chief among them) should be incredibly proud of. The pantry offers a wide variety of nutritional options and a familiar, welcoming, shopping experience. On top of that, Wafer still offers the mobile food pantry, they still offer Senior Package Delivery for seniors who are homebound, they continue to do their part in feeding today’s youth with the Backpack Programs, and they offer educational programs.

The new building offers an educational kitchen and space where educators from Gundersen Health Systems, UW Extension and others offer classes on various topics. Waldhart said she really felt the need for classes when a customer came to her holding a pineapple and said, “I know this is a pineapple, but I don’t know how to get it to where I can eat it.”

Waldhart said that is really the focus of these classes, to couple with the offerings in the store and reflect the area we live in. For example, the pantry’s most recent class was a UW Extension FoodWise Nutrition class on Asian and Hmong foods. So, Waldhart is accomplishing that easily and breezily as well. Like most things she does.

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