Old farming fields have given rise to a fantasy land unlike anything you’ve seen in Wisconsin! Drive west of Madison, and you’ll see a wonderland filled with castles and wizards. A little-known fact: It’s actually a privately held company called Epic Systems. 

There are 10,000 employees working at the company, and its offices are located around the world. Its headquarters, however, are located in Verona, a city with 13,000 people west of Madison.

There are a lot of Epic Systems products out there, and you might have come across one. Medical records of 78 percent of American patients were held by hospitals using its software in 2022.

The company’s Wizard’s Academy will make you think you’ve landed in a J. K. Rowling novel. At the 1,100-acre campus, buildings based on Alice in Wonderland, Oz, and Jules Verne can be found here. There may be no magic spells on this campus, but there’s clearly some magic happening here!

Self-guided public tours are available at Epic Systems. Visit the Epic Systems website for more information.