Tick Sick: Diseases On The Rise

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They’re small – dangerous to your health – and *rising* in number…
They’re ticks…and the Eau Claire city-county health department says with them – tick borne diseases are increasing as well
Jessica Bringe explains what we should be doing to stay free from ticks

While soaking up the last rays of summer sun being cautious about little hazards like ticks isn’t a priority for Sara Holland’s five children. But luckily for them, it is a priority for the fall creek mom

After her son got Lyme’s disease a few years back – Holland says the family now takes extra precautions like keeping her children’s hair short

“I think we just make sacrifices when we just wear long sleeves and long pants in the summer.”

Liska Giese with the Eau Claire City/County Health Department says with a rise in tick borne illnesses
In the area it’s more important than ever to be aware of ticks.

“Tick borne disease is not something to ignore it can be significant enough that people’s quality of life is really impacted. “

Giese says with the recent increase in tick borne illnesses it’s good to realize ticks aren’t just commonly found in wooded areas but are frequently found in urban areas as well.

“If you live in the city and never leave the city you’ll still be exposed to ticks they certainly are in any of our vegetation, particularly any grasses that are around.”

Giese says the two most common tick diseases, Lyme’s and ehrlichiosis, are steadily increasing  Last year there were 19 confirmed cases of Lyme’s. Already this year – 35.

“Most tick borne diseases you’ll see some sort of fever, and headache and body pain,”

Giese says to look out for deer ticks who are typically the cause of diseases as opposed to the common wood tick. As for prevention tips Giese says Holland has the right idea, covering up and using some sort of tick prevention spray and then trying to avoid being outside during the dusk hours can also be really helpful.

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