Wisc. (WLAX/WEUX) – Search-and-rescue crews continue to look for survivors of the severe weather that slammed parts of the United States Friday night. At least four tornadoes destroyed homes and businesses leaving dozens of people dead and missing.

Dozens of people died, and communities are in despair after multiple tornadoes tore through several states this weekend. Survivors are reeling after as many as four twisters ripped through the Southeast and the Midwest, leaving a trail of devastation in their wake.

Many in Mayfield, Kentucky, one of the hardest-hit areas, are combing through debris, trying their best to recover what’s left of their belongings

Sherrill says: “It’s just devastating man. You know, there’s nothing we can do but just pray to God that we get this town back.”

Kentucky governor is calling for people who are safe to stay home, so roads are empty for officials to assess the damage and hopefully find more survivors.

Beshear says: “One of our challenges is we’re, we’re losing so many people in this. Most of our morgues aren’t big enough, so, our coroners from all over the state are, are coming in, to help.”

In Tennessee, four people were also killed in severe storms, after tornadoes ripped through the area, destroying homes and businesses

In Arkansas, at least one person is dead after a powerful tornado tore through parts of the state.

Five others suffered injuries after the roof collapsed at the Monette Manor nursing home. Residents and staff prayed while they were huddled inside.

Westerman says: “You know, when we face destruction like this we know where we need to look to and I know people still appreciate the prayers and then all the other support that will come in the days following.”

The severe weather ripped across six states leaving widespread devastation.

Kentucky Governor Beshear called the tornado the most devastating in his state’s history