The Wisconsin State Patrol was busy on Sunday due to the heavy snow. State Trooper Tatsuo Anduze-Bell said the road conditions caused several crashes and run-offs.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is reminding people to be cautious and drive extra slow because today’s road conditions are making it harder to slow down and stop.

Troopers say to keep a distance of about 200 feet behind snow plows, as well as giving other emergency vehicles room on the road.

Anduze-Bell also says it is important to have your car stocked with blankets, gloves, flashlights, a first-aid kit and a charged phone.

“If you do get into an issue where you’re on the side of the road, please stay in your vehicle with the seatbelt on and call for help. It’s the safest place for you. If you’re out walking around it could be dangerous because other people vehicles could possibly slide and hit you as well,” Anduze-Bell said.

State troopers also say make sure you always know where you are when driving so emergency responders can get to you quickly, in case you are to get in an accident and to always have your lights on in snowy weather even if it’s not dark out yet.