Understanding the steps of ‘digital death’

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Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – If you’ve ever wondered what happens to the social media accounts of someone who passes away, you’re not alone.

A ‘digital death’ expert out of the UK runs a company that provides understanding and simple steps on how to deal with someone’s digital footprint left behind. Platforms like Twitter and Google require a death certificate before an account can be closed.

Co-founder of Death.io Paul Wiseall says after losing a loved one, the last thing on anybody’s mind should have to be how to protect their online presence.

Wiseall said,  “If somebodies losing a family member it’s worth having that conversation, knowing what they’ve got out there if they might have Facebook or Twitter or even their email and phone accounts and things because there are some really good options out there, Facebook and Instagram, for example, you can memorialize them. So, if you want you can have it left up there and nobody can interact with it after it’s been put to that position.”

Wiseall recommends making plans early for one’s digital footprint as inactive accounts become susceptible to hackers.

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