EAU CLAIRE Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – UW-Eau Claire is providing Narcan on campus to help protect students from a potential overdose. Narcan, a drug used to reverse an overdose, is now available in various locations across UW-Eau Claire to help prevent overdoses in the campus community.

“Narcan is a great tool for all community members to have, just in case they come across that medical emergency, such as an opioid overdose. So, more Narcan that’s available on campus. That means more students, staff or community members will have access just in case an emergency happens on campus.”

So, if a student thinks someone is overdosing:

“They can go up to the dispenser and grab whatever is in the dispenser. The dispenser contains masks for rescue, breathing instructions, how to use the Narcan, a little resource card for alcohol and other drug misuse to get resources within the community, and then it also has the two nasal sprays in it.”

The nasal spray is Narcan, and Eau Claire City County Health Department says it should work immediately. UW Eau Claire staff say they know there is drug use on campus, and hope this helps keep individuals safe.

“People can take the Narcan, even if they just want to have it on them, and it’s not necessarily an emergency where somebody is overdosing. So, nothing will happen after one is taken besides the dispenser getting refilled.”

The Eau Claire City County Health Department will be providing training at the end of the month to the campus to explain what opioids are, how to use Narcan, and signs of an overdose.

“Hopefully Narcan doesn’t have to be used on campus, but it’s there as a proactive measure. That’s next to some of the AED boxes. So, a good tool just in case a medical emergency does happen.”

The health department says it is also important to call 9-1-1 if you think someone is having an overdose, to help them get the care they need. There are 19 locations across the UW-Eau Claire campus with the Narcan, including all the residence halls and other high traffic locations.