EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Having clean, fresh water easily accessible is something we are used to in Wisconsin. Now funding for student research at UW-Eau Claire will help to continue keeping our waters clean. The university has received over $200-thousand from the Freshwater Collaborative of Wisconsin. From watershed monitoring to an environmental science fair, the university will be involved in a total of five different projects, where students will get field-training experience testing rivers, streams, and lakes.

The goal is that these projects will help train the next generation of water scientists. Associate Professor of Geogology and Environmental Science, Dr. Sarah Vitale explains, “Not having enough water, having too much water with flooding, having contamination problems, even things like having like lead pipe systems still in place. Having people who can help solve some of these global issues is really important not only for helping to understand our natural water systems and the human role in them but also for developing technology.”

Each project will be a collaboration between students and faculty across the Badger State. Vitale says the funding they received will cover any costs for the next two semesters.