EAU CLAIRE Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – The UW Eau Claire Student Senate is working with the Eau Claire Police Department to help better process noise complaints from house parties off campus. Through the system, students can register their house parties and provide contact information through the student senate.

The police department will then contact the person who registered the party if there is a noise complaint and let them know to shut the party down. Lieutenant Greg Weber says the system shouldn’t have students concerned

“I understand that we’ve had a lot of people concerned like, well, why would you give them the address because the police are just going to go there and bust up the party? I don’t know how many parties we have in a year; we go to about 400 to 500 like noise complaints a year as a department.”

The student senate approached the Eau Claire Police Department with the idea after learning about a similar system in Colorado.