Earlier this month, a formal complaint was filed against Albert Colom alleging that there was gender based discrimination.

Now, before the investigation on that complaint could be completed, Colom announced he is resigning from his position.

Facing pressure from an internal investigation, Albert Colom announced he’s stepping down as UW-Eau Claire’s Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management.

He put his resignation in on Friday, and released a statement Monday saying in part,

“I told Chancellor Schmidt it has become increasingly apparent to me that, regardless of the outcome of the current investigation of allegations made against me, I am no longer able to effectively serve UW-Eau Claire in a senior leadership role. It is my belief this is in the best interest of the University.”

Colom’s resignation from the university will take place on Sept. 2

He will have his duties re-assigned, but what he will be doing for the remainder of his employment is still to be determined.

A nationwide search for a new Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management will begin soon.