UW System to offer vaccine scholarship inventive to students

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Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – The UW System is offering a financial incentive for students who get vaccinated against COVID-19.

The University of Wisconsin System has launched the 70 for 70 campaign, offering 70 seven-thousand-dollar scholarships. To be eligible, a student must be vaccinated and attend a university that achieves at least a 70 percent vaccination rate.

Student governments that help their campuses reach the 70 percent threshold will receive up to five thousand dollars.

Leadership within the UW System and UW- Eau Claire say they hope incentives will encourage more students to get vaccinated before the fall semester, especially as the delta variant of the virus becomes more of a concern 

Tommy Thompson UW System President said, “I’ve talked to NIH, I’ve talked to CDC, they said, if you get 70 percent, you’re fairly well-protected on your campus– and that’s what I want. I am pushing really hard to get this done, and it’s much better than masking up if you have them vaxxed up”

Grace Crickette, UW-Eau Claire Vice-Chancellor of Finance And administration said, “On our campus were offering additional scholarships and then we are also offering a cash incentive to all our clubs we will be offering funding where if they get their groups up to the seventy percent or more they will qualify for funding for the super fun things they do”

Students at all UW System universities except UW-Madison are eligible for the drawing.

Since the UW System is not requiring students to be vaccinated.

The 70 percent threshold was chosen based on estimates about the percentage of the population needed to reach herd immunity.

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