LA CROSSE Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – UW-La Crosse is preparing for another semester in a pandemic. Most students are learning in-person, but some are choosing to remain virtual. UW-La crosse is in the middle of its winter session, following a fall semester that was essentially “normal.”

Corey Sjoquist with the UWL admissions office said, “The fall 2021 semester at UW-La crosse was really exciting because we had over 90 percent of our classes in-person, so it allowed us to welcome so many more students back to campus, and as a result, it helped our students get back to that more traditional college experience at UWL, and we’re looking forward to the return of our students for the spring semester in just a couple weeks.”

Still, some students remained off-campus during the fall, either learning remotely or taking a break from school altogether. The university wants to get as many of those students back as possible this spring, so $1,000 scholarships are being offered to help them return.

Admissions counselor Heather Pearson said, “One of the things that I saw as I was processing their applications is so many students talked about pausing their education because of COVID, because of the need to take care of family members during the pandemic, addressing their own mental health issues that came up. It was a good decision for them to take that time off to make sure they were healthy, but how often do you think about doing something, and then other things get in the way and you don’t do it. I think that was our concern with waiting for them on their own to come back to UWL, so this was a way to give them an incentive to come back, and also just to help with some of those financial costs of coming back to pursue your education.”

Corey Sjoquist is encouraging students to take advantage of the limited-time scholarships.

“The return to UWL grant is really just for the spring semester. We already have 48 students that have signed up to return to campus, they’ve completed the steps and they’re already registered for classes.”

The deadline is quickly approaching, so Pearson says students need to reach out before it’s too late.

“Up until classes start, if we receive an application for readmission for one of these students, we’re going to readmit them and give them this grant,” said Pearson. UWL’s spring semester will begin on January 24th.