GREEN BAY Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Hundreds of community members took part in the 10th annual veteran suicide awareness march yesterday morning in Green Bay. This year people had the choice of participating in the 17.6-mile or the 1.76-mile route.

The distance represents the number of veterans that die by suicide each day across the US, according to the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs. Organizers say people marched 22 miles back in 2020 and 20 miles last year. 

“You don’t know, somebody might be great on the outside, but they may not be on the inside. Something so simple as a phone call, writing a card, or getting a cup of coffee, really goes a long way. It is a special connection in the military community with one another, but it does not mean a civilian can’t have an impact. So, call your friends, know what we’ve done here today is important, and take that with you every day.”

This event is the largest annual fundraiser for the “Fourth Hooah Wisconsin” — which stands for “Helping Out Our American Heroes.” The non-profit’s goal is to eliminate veteran suicide.