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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – 40 days remain until the November general election. Just like four years ago, Wisconsin is a hotly contested battleground state. Today, the Vice President of the United States stopping in Eau Claire to campaign at a local manufacturing plant. First News at Nine’s Zach Prelutsky shares more from the VP’s visit as well as some of the issues surrounding the election.

For the third time in the last two months, Vice President Mike Pence is in western Wisconsin. Today making his first trip to the Chippewa Valley speaking in front of a crowd of about 100 at Midwest Manufacturing in Eau Claire. The VP covering a variety of topics, including jobs in Wisconsin and America, the coronavirus pandemic, and the supreme court.

It was a socially distanced and mask-wearing crowd at Midwest Manufacturing Thursday. On hand to see Vice President Mike Pence. Vice President Pence, alongside senior advisor to the President Ivanka Trump, toured the facility before giving remarks.

The trip to the Chippewa Valley comes less than six weeks before the general election on November 3, and two days before President Trump says he’ll nominate a judge to the Supreme Court to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat.

“The president is going to choose a woman of experience, of great character, but also someone who will uphold the constitution. Apply the laws as written and serve in the Supreme Court in a manner with the late and great Antonin Scalia,” said Pence.

While both democrats and republicans have said they mourn the loss of the Justice, democrats don’t believe the seat should be filled until after the election. The same way President Obama’s last nominee for the highest court was blocked in 2016.

Eau Claire State Representative, Jodi Emerson said, “We’re hearing two sets of rules. It’s this is the way we wanted to do it back in 2016, but now that we’re in power we’ve changed the rules and we want to have our way.”

Wisconsin is a target state for both parties in November. One that could tip the scales in the end. Pence says the administration will accept the results of a fair and free election but are concerned that won’t be the case this year.

Pence said, “We have great concern about changes that are taking place including here in Wisconsin in mail-in voting and in absentee voting. I mean for the state of Wisconsin to extend the deadline so that we may not know the outcome of the election for six days after the election.”

The election will come during the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

Pence, who leads the White House coronavirus task force, says he is absolutely confident the work of the administration, healthcare professionals, and the American people has saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

Democrats, though, say the lack of a national plan has made the pandemic worse than what it could have been.

“I’m disappointed in the leadership or lack of leadership we’ve had from our president and his administration through this whole pandemic and I think the pandemic is what we really need to be voting on in November,” said Emerson.

Following the visit to Eau Claire, Pence and Ivanka Trump traveled to the Twin Cities for a listening session.

In Eau Claire, Zach Prelutsky, First News at Nine.

Former VP Joe Biden’s campaign team issued a statement on mike pence’s visit to the badger state criticizing the administration’s handling of the pandemic.

Saying in part, “Not only does Joe Biden have a plan to confront the pandemic and ensure every American has access to affordable health care, he’ll restore the middle class, invest in Wisconsin manufacturing, and help us build back better than before.”

Earlier this week Wisconsin surpassed 100 thousand cases of COVID-19.

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