CHIPPEWA VALLEY, Wisc. (WLAX) — Members of a Chippewa Valley non-profit laced up their sneakers Saturday to raise money and awareness for the need for clean water in Honduras.

Julie Stunkel is a co-founder of the Honduras Well Project. The issue became important to her when she visited Honduras and saw “how dire the water crisis was.”

“Something as basic as clean water, they don’t have,” she said. “Everything starts with clean water, health, the girl’s education because they’re spending time in the morning walking to the river then they’re late for school, so they don’t go to school, and it’s taking up the time of the women to boil water and store and ration the water so it’s taking away from income productivity so it all starts with water.”

Twenty people committed to walking 18 miles Saturday to support the cause.

“A family walks an average of 118 miles a month to get contaminated water,” Stunkel said of Honduras. “We didn’t want to walk 118 miles, so we’re walking 18 which is what they walk in a week.”