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Just a day after his state of the state address, Governor Scott Walker visited La Crosse today to talk about his plan to make college more affordable. He says he wants to invest more in public education, but as FOX 25/48’s Erin O’Brien explains, local democrats say it’s still not enough.

While speaking at Western Technical College today Governor Scott Walker emphasized his plan to invest an additional three million dollars into dual enrollment programs as part of his ‘Wisconsin Fast Forward’ initiative.

The program allows high school students to take classes from local technical colleges to get a head start on their career.

“Whether it’s in manufacturing, construction, transportation, information technology, health care, there’s so many career opportunities out available out there that to do that, increasing our young people and those looking for jobs need to have the education and skills they need to succeed.”

He says the program will reduce college costs and get students into the workplace sooner, but local democrats aren’t satisfied.

“Well I think he realizes that he has done harm to both the technical college system and the UW system as well as the k through 12 public schools. And he’s trying to come up with programs to rectify that situation. And so that’s a positive but I do think he needs to discuss with the democrats in the legislature as well who have good ideas about how we might go forward.”

In 2014 Governor Walker invested 35 million dollars into his Wisconsin Fast Forward program. That helped fund the training for 2,000 students in workforce training programs.

One of those students shared his own experience with Walker.

“I’m currently enrolled in the dual credit system. I take classes here at Western. I graduated early from De Soto high school. As of yesterday to take full time classes here. These really let me focus on my work and help me get to the businessman that I’d like to be. I will graduate at 19 and then hope to have my master’s at 24.”

Walker also outlined other parts of his college affordability package, including the deduction of student loan interest on state income taxes, and the creation of more internships for students in the UW system. In La Crosse Erin O’Brien FOX 25 48 News at 9.

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