WEUX FOX 48 Tower

UPDATE: Great news for viewers in the Eau Claire area who lost signal or have weak signals on WEUX FOX 48.

WEUX new antenna is now at maximum height and the transmitter is functioning at maximum power! Viewers who lost our signal can rescan now to pick up our signal and get back to your favorite FOX programming!

We thank you for patience regarding this transition. Thank you for watching WEUX FOX 48, we appreciate you as a viewer!

Our tower is nearing completion, however work still needs to be done. Crews continue to work on the tower, but it is a challenging task as the tower is 450 feet tall and the antenna is 50 feet long and weighs 6,500 pounds.

We are expecting the work to be done soon, however it is weather permitting and barring any technical issues along the way.

We appreciate your patience regarding this matter and we thank you for watching WEUX FOX 48!