CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WEAU) – A new Chippewa Valley non-profit inspired by the life of a six-month-old is working to bring awareness to crimes against children, by children.

Jaxson Hunter was only six-months-old when he died from injuries sustained by another child while at daycare back in 2018. Fast forward a few years, his dad, Nate Liedl, created a non-profit in his memory called WIN4JAX.

The goal is to help children and their families that have gone through similar experiences.

“Benefit the other children that are in similar situations, maybe not have passed away, but have experienced some kind of assault or crime against them that we can provide them some kind of support or benefit them in some way to lift their spirits,” Liedl said.

With the help of family and friends, WIN4JAX hosted its first official fundraiser on Saturday at Ojibwa Golf and Bowl in Chippewa Falls.

“Jaxon was only around for 6 months, but he obviously touched a lot of people,” Liedl said. “To have them come around and still stick to it and help me conceive the goal that I’ve been trying to do is amazing.”

Around 90 raffle baskets, a youth ATV, and a trailer we donated by various businesses.

“To show what an impact that a tragedy can have on the community and for them to be willing to help support this idea of benefiting child victims is great,” Liedl said.

In the short time that WIN4Jax has been up and running, they’ve already helped someone in need.

“Actually, around Thanksgiving, we had received notice of a child who had been assaulted at school,” Liedl said. “It was an unprovoked attack, he had gotten a broken nose, bruises, jaw, broken tooth, so we had sent out a gift certificate to Action City to him. Just as a way of, there are still good people out there.”

When a child needs a helping hand, WIN4JAX will be there to support victims.

“One of the goals of the organization is so child victims are not forgotten,” Liedl said. “A lot of the time the focus becomes on the offenders and how they can get treatment, how they can be dealt with. A lot of times the victims themselves are pushed under the rug so this is a way to lift them up.”

The funds raised will go back into the non-profit to support children and their families.

If you know a child or family that needs support, WIN4JAX accepts nominations. Living in the Chippewa Valley is not a requirement.