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A common feature in many homes is harming hundreds of children across the country.
One Chippewa Falls family is fighting back by sharing a horrifying experience with window blind cords. The family is allowing people to view a video of one of their children being nearly strangled to death by window blind cords to help push the conversation of window blind safety into the spotlight.
In the Walla family happy moments are recorded, like 14 years ago when mother Nicca Walla filmed her twin boys and young son playing.
“I grabbed the tape recorder from the top of the fridge when I saw my 2-year-old feeding the twins like birds. It was cute.”
However, what Nicca captured was more than just a blissful morning scene with her family. When Nicca swung the camera around, she saw her then 4-year old son Gavin dangling from a window blind cord.
“He was blue, hanging from the cord and he had foam hanging from his nose and mouth and broken blood vessels all over his face,”
Nicca screamed for her husband immediately, and called the police.
“I was telling 911 that he choked when in reality he strangled. Somehow he’s in the same room as me strangling on the cord and I have no clue.”
The Walla’s, a family of nine, was almost one of eight.
“I can’t see myself not being here.”
Gavin is now a senior at Chippewa Falls high school. He says he wants to share the video in hopes the deaths of nearly one child a month from cord strangulation will stop for good.
“I am a very lucky survivor and want to share this video to literally save lives.”
Even with safety features like break away cord ties or cord stoppers Linda Kaiser, the founder of Parents for Window Blind Safety, says they aren’t working. The death toll just keeps increasing.
“Children are strangling on the safety kits that are attached to the window blind cords,”
Kaiser lost one of her twin girls to window blind cord strangulation so now she’s actively fighting for the removal of all window blind cords through her organization.
“This is a product problem, not a supervisor one. If parents knew how dangerous widow blind cords are they wouldn’t have them in their homes.”
Both Kaiser and Nicca are hoping others speak out without fear of seeming negligent.
“We’ve got to save the potential that children have when they’re that small because if we squander that we don’t know what we missed out on.”
Nice says window blind cases are slowly settling in the parent’s favor instead of just blaming parents for negligence.  
Because of stories like the Walla’s, Target and Ikea have agreed to take all window blinds with cords out of their stores. Walmart, Home Depot and Lowe’s say they’ll also get rid of window blind cords by 2018.
While changes are being made, the Walla family says it won’t stop fighting until window blind cords are a product of the past.

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