Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – The Wisconsin DNR launched a new interactive data site for users to see where PFAS impacts the state. PFAS are a variety of human-made chemicals found in products like non-stick cooking ware and fast-food packaging.

Studies show that 98% of Americans have measurable levels of PFAS in their blood from ingesting contaminated water or food. Users of the DNR’s data viewer can see areas where water supply systems or fish populations have been found to contain high levels of PFAS.

“Really the intent of this was to be as user-friendly as possible and as accessible as possible to kick this off and get people access to this information that we have, again, kind of specialized in all of our program areas.”

Within the next year, all municipal water systems will be sampling for PFAS and the interactive viewer will automatically be updated with any new data.