Wisconsin’s two senators expressed their condolences, and suggested ways to avoid more tragedies.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin was in central Wisconsin to talk about tariffs, but the weekend’s news was at the front of people’s minds.

Baldwin expressed frustration over the frequency of mass shootings and called for gun reform.

“I’m a gun owner and I strongly support the second amendment. But I do not believe there’s an inconsistency with thorough background checks and the second amendment. And we have loopholes where sales and exchanges aren’t subject to a background check, and I think we should close that,” said Baldwin.

Wisconsin’s Sen. Ron Johnson was more hesitant to support gun legislation.

Johnson appeared to support a “red flag” law that lets family members try to restrict a mentally ill person’s access to firearms.

In a statement today, he called to re-evaluate how society treats mental illness.

President Trump brought up mental health treatment during his comments on Monday morning.

Gov. Tony Evers argued for state-wide action on Monday.

He called for the legislature to pass a universal background check bill.

His call comes on the 7th anniversary of the 2012 killings of six Sikh worshippers by a white supremacist.

Evers called for Democrats and Republicans to come together to keep Wisconsin safe.