WAUPACA, Wis. (WFRV) – Pumpkin Time at the Miller’s is known as a Waupaca tradition.

Pumpkin patch viewers say seeing the pumpkins prepares them to celebrate one of their favorite holidays.

“I love Halloween and I think this is a great way for families to come together and be able to do something different for Halloween,” said Stephany Nellessen Pumpkin Time at the Miller’s viewer. 

More than 200 pumpkins can be found at pumpkin time at the Miller’s. Nellessen says she is impressed by the display. 

“These pumpkins are really beautiful I can’t believe how much time they must have taken to carve them. Because some of them are very intricate, I think they are really cool,” said Nellessen. 

Jim Miller is the organizer of the pumpkin display, and he says the display was built for the community by the community. 

 “I started carving 23 years ago by myself and that continued for eight or ten years and then we had people ask to come and carve and then we said I don’t care if anybody carves so we ended up having about 20 different individuals carve,” explained Jim Miller Pumpkin Time at the Miller’s creator  

The display is located at Waupaca’s City Hall and Miller encourages you to see it.  

“One of the reasons we moved down here is to support the local community. So come on down to have dinner and have something to do with Waupaca, you know come see the pumpkins and enjoy them,” stated Miller. 

The display will be open until Tuesday, November 2.