Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – The only scheduled debate between the two candidates for Wisconsin Supreme Court took place yesterday afternoon in Madison. Former Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly and Judge Janet Protasiewicz faced off in the debate.

While the race is officially nonpartisan, conservatives are backing Kelly, while liberals support Protasiewicz. Campaigns for both candidates and the attack ads aimed at each other were topics they both spoke extensively about.

In talking about campaign funds, Protasiewicz says she would recuse herself from cases involving the democratic party. Kelly says his opponent has already shown her bias by taking those campaign funds.

“Now I understand my opponent, who’s been accepting millions of dollars from the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, and I think that presents a major problem. If she were to be elected to the Supreme Court, she would forever afterward be known as being bought and paid for by the Democratic Party in Wisconsin.”

“And I have indicated and pledged that I will recuse myself from any case in which the Democratic Party is a party to the case. I think that that’s absolutely critical. I would also note that I think we need a strong recusal rule. The last time this issue came before the Supreme Court, my opponent voted against even having a hearing for a recusal rule.”

The spring election is April 4th, where voters will decide between Kelly and Protasiewicz.