MADISON, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Where you live on the map determines who you vote for and who represents you. Now, your place on the map could be changing by the 2024 election. The Wisconsin Supreme Court will hear a case trying to toss the current legislative maps.

Republicans introduced a bill to hand map-making power to the nonpartisan “Legislative Reference Bureau”. The Republican proposal would have the mapmakers not favor a political party, someone or a group. It calls for making the districts compact and keeping municipalities together. Democratic State Senator Mark Spreitzer of Beloit stated, “There could still be a stalemate under this. Nothing here forces the legislature to approve a new map.”

Republican State Representative, Joel Kitchens, of Sturgeon Bay said, “My understanding is if we reach an impasse by the end of January then it would end up in the courts.”

The State Assembly passed the bill without a hearing. On Thursday, the Wisconsin State Senate heard public testimony on the proposal where speaker after speaker shared opposition to the bill.