Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Last week’s heavy snowfall led to thousands of power outages across the state, including western Wisconsin.

“We had close to about 60,000. That ultimately had what we considered a ‘longer duration outage’ with this particular storm”

Along with the Xcel Energy outages, the Jump River Electric Cooperative CEO says almost half of their members were without power.

“At max, we had about 4000 of our 8500 members without power.”

These outages were difficult for people as cold weather persisted. Bruce Tankersley and Pat Driscoll of Ladysmith waited five days for their power to return.

“A friend brought his generator over, and then we used the generator for the heat.”

And Wisconsinites might not be in the clear yet. The cold weather and high wind expected this week bring the possibility of more outages.

“We are fearful of the cold temperatures coming, but we just encourage our members to take advantage of the emergency management protocol. You know, there’s warming shelters and stuff in the area if necessary.”

With potential future outages, Xcel Energy says to plan ahead.

“Probably a good idea for folks to be prepared, you know, have that emergency kit at your home. Maybe have backup plans should you have to relocate out of your home for a day or two if you’re going to be without power. We’re not used to being without power for a day or two here. We’re just not. But it can happen.”

Xcel Energy also says if you experience an outage, notify the office because they might not know otherwise.