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It’s election day here in the U.S., but it’s also a global event. Foreign officials, U.S. citizens abroad, and ordinary citizens on every continent are keeping a close eye on election results. Fox News correspondent Benjamin Hall has more from London.

Voters are heading to the polls across the country, but around the world, they’re being closely watched by government officials and ordinary citizens on every continent. In the Mideast, fighters on the front lines of the War on Terror are weighing in, saying they hope the next president will make the fight against ISIS a priority.

“Whoever wins, we just want to make sure that we have proper support for Kurdistan.”

But in Russia, the election has been almost as polarizing as in the U.S. as many are backing Donald Trump — and supporting his claims of voter fraud. While others say he’s unfit to lead a major superpower.

(translated) “The United States teaches us how to conduct fair elections but there are elements of falsification in their own election system.”

(translated) “I don’t think he should become president of such a big country. He himself is quite odd actually.”

Even the animals are split. A Russian polar bear and tiger both making different predictions about the election. But elsewhere in Europe, lawmakers and officials are taking a more wary approach trying not to judge the candidates based on what has been one of the most contentious election cycles in American history.

“We will judge the future President of the United States after campaign, after he or she decides to nominate candidates and select prominent figures.”

As the results start to come in, U.S. embassies around the world will be hosting “watch parties” — encouraging people of all nationalities to watch the democratic process play out.

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