PIGEON FALLS Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Coffee, balloons, and friends set the scene as people gathered to celebrate a well-known Pigeon Falls resident today. Reynolds Tomter kicked off his 105th birthday at his favorite local restaurant.

As a WWII vet, the only surviving member of the Pigeon Falls Lions Club, and an avid Packers fan, Reynolds Tomter is excited to celebrate his 105th birthday.

“It’s something I’ll never ever forget. Yeah, it’s unreal, ah this is what you call a small town gathering,” said Tomter.

Reynolds Tomter says he is enjoying his old age.

“Everybody waits on me and comes and greets me with good things to say. So, don’t be afraid, anyone, to get this old,” said Tomter.

Family and friends celebrated Tomter Tuesday with a party at Second Home Bar and Grill in Pigeon Falls for his 105th birthday. Even at his age, Tomter is always finding a way to stay busy.

“Yeah, he is very active every day. He said when my mom passed away, he could have sat home and been depressed, but he just made up his mind to get out and go in his car every day. He didn’t know where he was going, but he’d go somewhere for coffee.”

Tomter says his secret to his reaching his age is being with friends and drinking lots of coffee.

“I enjoy every day and I am out and about every day. I started out here at this restaurant every morning, that’s seven days a week. I’m here at 7:30 a.m. in the morning with the guys and that makes life a lot of fun,” said Tomter.

His family says he is known in the community for his involvement and his positive attitude.

“I always say he is positive about everything unless the packers are losing, that’s the only time I ever hear him say anything negative.”

His advice for younger generations is to get active in the community.

“It’s so important that everybody works together, and that just makes life so pleasant to live. You’re helping to make it that way if you become active in the community affairs,” said Tomter.

Tomter says he is happy to be surrounded by friends and family and he looks forward to seeing everyone next year. Tomter’s life advice is to have a good day unless you have other plans. He also encourages people to build relationships in their communities.