OSSEO, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – One tech-ed class in the Osseo-Fairchild School District is teaching students about tools and how to use them. But it’s also teaching students about so much more.

Osseo-Fairchild’s Yes We Can Program has students with different abilities fix and build things for the district. They learn the names of each tool, how to use them and then apply that knowledge to the various projects.

Frans Carlstrom, a tech ed teacher for the district, says the Yes We Can Program focuses on all the things students can do, “We want to teach them the safe way because we want them to be able to find careers where they are able to use their hands and do these types of things. And then just a level of confidence, making sure that they’re comfortable.”

This is the second year of the program and Carlstrom says it will continue for years to come.