Local Schools Receive State Recognition


     Two local elementary schools have received an award for success in the classroom. Longfellow and Locust Lane Elementary Schools in Eau Claire have been honored as “Wisconsin Title One Schools of Recognition for the 2015-2016 school year.” FOX 25-48’s Neil Hebert has more.

     Locust Lane and Longfellow Elementary Schools are not strangers when it comes to being Wisconsin Title One Schools of Recognition. It’s Longfellow’s eleventh award overall and seventh straight while Locust Lane was honored for the fifth straight year.

     Locust Lane Fifth Grade Teacher Megan Hotujec said, “It feels great to be part of the team that is chosen to go down to receive this award. we have such a solid team at locust lane that we should all feel very proud of the work we do every day.”

     The distinction is awarded to schools that receive Title One funding. That allows the schools to serve a large number of students who receive free or reduced priced lunches. The students also have to have above average scores on state tests in Math and Reading.

     Locust Lane Second Grade Teacher Aimee Dunn added, “It’s for showing that the students in poverty and that are in other kinds of disadvantaged positions are actually making good gains.”  Those from both schools know the award is well deserved because of the hard work and dedication everyone puts in to give the kids the education they need.

     Aimee Dunn continued, “The award kind of validates all the work that we do to look at where are students are struggling and to try to support them. Sometimes it’s hard to know if your team is going in the right direction, to me the award says the hard work we’re putting in is paying off in student achievement.”

     The award to Longfellow Principal, Sarah Lynch, means the schools are on the right track educating the kids. “Teachers work so hard. Often, it can be a thankless job; it can be a wonderful job. This is a little recognition that we’ve got plenty of work to do, but we’re doing some good work.” Two representatives from both schools will receive the award at a ceremony at the Capitol in March.

      In Eau Claire, Neil Hebert. FOX 25-48, News at 9.

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