Locker Room Live for 11.28.2017

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To win their next five games to get into the playoffs, and that will be quite the challenge. All five games look to be winnable. The last three, Panthers. Vikings and Lions are the toughest. But number 12 could possibly return by then.

Right now, Green Bay is 2 games behind 7-4 Atlanta for the final wildcard spot. While the Lions and Seahawks still stand ahead of the Packers.

If Sunday night’s 31-28 loss to top team in the AFC north is any indicator, there still is hope.

“We still have some games left to play and we have got to make the most of them. We still have our divisional games which are huge, but we must take them one game at a time and really, really focus in on this last stretch. But we can’t look too far ahead. This one hurts. Like I said last week hurt but this next one coming up is the most important, so we have got to understand that. Being a competitor, it’s going to hurt. It’s going to feel it a little bit especially when it’s this type of a loss. It was a close game. It came down to the wire and it hurts when you don’t finish it off, but I think this team can rally together and finish strong.”

Despite the loss…Brett Hundley numbers were outstanding against the Steelers. He completed 17 of 26 passes for 245 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions.

Maybe more impressive than the numbers were the drive that Hundley led the Packers on in the 4th quarter to tie the game up at 28, after a horrible performance the week before against the Ravens.

Hundley showed off the potential he has last night in Pittsburgh.

“You know I didn’t like my performance last week and I’m going to try to the best of my ability it never happens again, but I just want to give this team, an opportunity to win and I felt like we were close, we were really close.”

“Same thing I see, his preparation and his attention to detail is always sky high so I think the more he just gets comfortable he will have games like this and he will ball out. He doesn’t need to prove anything to me, he has been working, it’s us one the outside trying to make the plays for him, giving him protection and playing football and doing our jobs.”

You can watch locker room live coming up tonight immediately following this newscast. A preview of this Sunday’s game between Green Bay and Tampa Bay, that game can be seen right here on Fox, kick-off at 12

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