Mom warns of counterfeit money after daughter receives fake $100 bill


A local teen was given counterfeit money during a fundraiser, as a result, her family is warning others to check twice before accepting money.

While raising money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, a local teen received a fake $100 bill. Now, her family is warning everyone to take a second look before accepting money for a fundraiser or garage sale.

“This is the season so beware,” said Julia Allen, who is warning others to keep an eye out for fake cash. “I would check all of your bills from 10s, 20s, 50s and 100s,” she added.

Her 16-year-old daughter received a fake $100 bill while raising money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

“It was donation only, whatever they wanted to donate and the lady asked for $60 back,” Allen said. 

And just like most teens, she took the fake $100 bill and handed back $60 in actual cash, not knowing it was counterfeit.

“It was pretty convincing but just the feel of it was so smooth and then the watermark wasn’t there,” Allen added.

But if you are unsure about cash you receive Eau Claire police say do not accept the bill and ask the person for a different form of payment.

“Sometimes even in our own investigations it is hard to determine whether or not the person passing that bill knew it was counterfeit or not because they likely also got it from somebody else,” said Bridget Coit from the Eau Claire Police Department.

Police also say try to avoid taking large bills in the first place, but even smaller bills can be counterfeit so it is best to take a second and check it over.

Officials say to look for blurry or uneven edges on the bill, hold it up to the light and check for watermarks and for the blue strip to change color. Also look for markings on the bill indicating it is for movie use only. But still the best way to decide is based on the feel of the bill.

But even with many steps to check over the cash, it can be hard to spot the difference, especially if you are not looking out for counterfeit currency.

“Definitely paying attention with it being garage sale season and thrift sale season for those independent homeowners, we want to make sure that your work and items you are actually receiving the cash value for,” Coit added.

To be extra safe, you can always purchase a currency pen. But if you have already accepted fake currency, you can contact Eau Claire police to make sure the money stops circulating and nobody else gets tricked.

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