FOX 25/48 is celebrating Monroe County this week as part of our County by County series.  All this week we’ve shown you what Monroe County has to offer, and tonight FOX 25/48’s Erin O’Brien explains what you can find in just a few week’s at this year’s Cranfest.

Each year this village of just 360 people hosts the world’s largest cranberry festival. The Warrens Cranfest attracts more than 120,000 people for three days of food, shopping, and entertainment.

Wear your walking shoes. That’s the best piece of advice that Warrens Cranfest treasurer Carolyn Habelman has for anyone wanting to check out this year’s festival.

“It’s hard to do it all in just one day.”

After all, the entire fair spans twelve miles with more than one thousand booths for shopping and eating.
Cranberry marsh tours give the public a chance to see just how the fruit is grown. The weekend also always has pie eating contests and a parade on Sunday

The festival attracts people from all over the world.

“We’ve had them from Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Germany, Moldova, Bosnia, and locally we have them from Hawaii and from Alaska. And one lady flew all the way from Hawaii because she loves parades and she wanted to see the Cranberry Parade if you can believe that.”

It also plays a big part in the local economy.

“Monroe County is a very small county, it barely hits 40,000. And between us and one other event, we bring in over 35 million to the economy. Every motel is full. Campgrounds are full. Of course they eat, they drink, and they shop. It’s just a heck of a boost.”

This year’s Cranfest begins three weeks from today, on Friday, September 23rd.

In Warrens, Erin O’Brien, FOX 25/48 News at 9.