(NewsNation) — One fire department in Dekalb, Illinois, is experiencing its very own baby boom.

Eight firefighters became fathers to eight babies — all born within months of each other.

The Dekalb Illinois Fire Department posted images of the firefighters with their babies on social media, saying the department had experienced a recent “baby boom.”

New father and Dekalb firefighter Vinnie Laudicina said it was “pretty exciting” to be able to relate to the other seven firefighters who are experiencing fatherhood all at the same time.

He joked that it’s probably difficult for the department’s administration that has to work around all the parental leaves. But Laudicina also noted that the department offers great parental leave benefits, and the other firefighters who aren’t on leave have been helpful in covering shifts.

With new babies and long hours, it can be challenging for the new fathers to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

“There’s definitely no balance, as you can hear behind us here,” Adam Miller, another new father and Dekalb firefighter said. “You just got to roll with it.”

The men give a lot of credit to their wives for their parental roles, especially when they are working their 24-hour shifts at the firehouse.

“They have to do a lot of work, pick up all the slack that when we’re not home, so we definitely give them praise,” Laudicina said.