(NewsNation) — Houston has moved 25,000 of its homeless population into homes of their own in the last decade.

Marc Eichenbaum of Homeless Initiatives Houston discusses the progress the nation’s fourth-largest city has made in solving the homeless crisis during an appearance on “Morning in America.”

“What we have found is, is that the basic root cause of homelessness is the person is without a home,” Eichenbaum said. “And we can go up that ladder and talk about its issues with the justice system and the education system and the poverty system and aging out of foster care systems, but your basic root cause they are homeless.”

Eichenbaum said Houston’s initiative utilizes a high level of collaboration and data-driven best practices.

“So that’s the solution, right there,” he said. “If we can put them in a home, get them off the streets and out of the shelters, they’re literally no longer homeless.”

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