As we get closer to spring, more motorcyclists are heading out on the roadways to take advantage of the sunshine and warmer weather on the way. But law enforcement officers have some reminders for riders hitting the roadways. Fox 25/48’s Noelle Anderson has the story.
A sound that’s sure to fill the streets and roadways as temps increase… but law enforcement officials across the state have some reminders for motorcyclists.
“When operating a motorcycle, you need to have a motorcycle license. Getting a motorcycle license is much like getting a car license.”
Wisconsin State Trooper Lt. Les Mlsna says many people don’t realize what specific documentation you need to operate a motorcycle.
“They think it’s a motorcycle, they think it’s not a big deal, it’s not a car and they just hop on and go and really don’t think, telling themselves, I have a driver’s license, I don’t need something else to say that I can operate a motor vehicle.”
He says there’s a few easy ways to get that license.
“Either you have to make an appointment with the DMV and take their road test, or there are many schools or tech colleges that offer the motorcycle safety foundations rider course. At the end of that you take a skills test and bring that waiver to the DMV, pay your $22 and give them that form and get your license that way.”
So what happens if you don’t have a motorcycle license when you’re out on the roads?
“If you get stopped and you are found not to have a license, the fine is $200.50 and it’s three points on your license.”
Although it’s not a law to wear your helmet while riding a motorcycle in Wisconsin, State Patrol says better safe than sorry.
“We need to share the road with everybody and motorcycles are a smaller profile vehicle, they’re harder to see, so just be aware that motorcyclist are out there. Motorcyclists need to watch out for their surface conditions, slow down a little bit and take their time so the surface conditions don’t affect the way their motorcycles operate.” 
Noelle Anderson, Fox 25/48 News at Nine.