Stemming from the idea that failure should be embraced, International Day of Failure first made its appearance in Finland through a group of college students. Now celebrated globally, the day is meant to encourage risk, and erase the stigma that failure is something to be avoided.

Several influential Finnish people and companies had already pledged their support and media coverage prior to the second event. As a result, by the third year, the students had expanded the event to encompass around 17 other countries.

Nokia’s chair of the board of directors, Jorma Ollila, and Angry Bird’s creator, Peter Vesterbacka, also backed them. In celebration of the day, popular Finnish personalities often share their triumphs and defeats that later turned into victories.

Making mistakes and failing is an essential part of a person’s growth and eventual success. This day is all about spreading that message.

A celebration of failure encourages new and daring endeavors; encourages people to try new things; motivates and inspires success through the sharing of stories from successful people describing their failures.