New Video Released of Airport Shooting


As the accused shooter in the Florida airport attack prepares for his court appearance, new video of the shooting has been released by TMZ. We warn you, this video is very disturbing. Fox News correspondent Phil Keating is following the latest developments from Ft. Lauderdale.

Shocking and graphic new video of the Florida airport shooting on Friday.

The airport surveillance video, obtained by TMZ, shows the moment 26-year-old Esteban Santiago allegedly start shooting in the baggage claim area

Five people were killed and six injured.

We know Santiago was a veteran of the Iraq war, and his family says he has mental health issues.

Santiago was under investigation by the FBI, which is raising concerns — specifically Sunday from the house intelligence committee chairman

Nunes says: well the investigation’s ongoing, clearly this person walked into the FBI, we know this now, and said that he was watching ISIS videos. I think the FBI would tell you that this is not what the FBI wants. I meant they do a very good job, but they, obviously, they missed this one.

Santiago is now facing several federal charges, and if convicted… Could face the death penalty.

His motive is unclear, but federal authorities say the attack was thoroughly planned.

In the Anchorage, Alaska neighborhood where Santiago has been living, neighbors say they are stunned

Carter says: He was always pleasant, didn’t show any signs of threats… his kids play with my nieces and nephews sometimes, very pleasant so this is very confusing.

Flights have resumed at the airport, though passengers say they’re understandably still on edge.

Bettinger says: you just have to bone up to it and just say ‘I’m going to get through this’ because you can’t coward out, you have to really stand strong and just say ‘well I’m going to go there and get on the plane and do like I do normally do every day’.

The FBI agent who interrogated Saddam Hussein also happens to be the lead investigator on this case.

As for Santiago, he’ll be in federal court tomorrow morning in ft. Lauderdale for his first appearance.

At the Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport, Phil Keating, Fox News.

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