Opposition To Iran Nuke Deal Grows

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On Tuesday, Senator Robert Menendez, a key democratic vote, announced his opposition to the Iran nuclear deal. Now with the deal all but certain to fail in a senate vote, the White House is scrambling to avoid losing by a veto-proof margin.  Fox News correspondent Kevin Corke is with the President in Martha’s Vineyard.

Congress is on its summer break but the political wrangling over the Iran nuclear deal continues.
The White House has been pushing Democratic senators to publicly support the deal. But on Tuesday they lost a key member of their own party.

“My overarching concern is that it requires no dismantling of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure and only mothballs that infrastructure for 10 years.  Not even one centrifuge will be destroyed under this agreement.”

New Jersey senator Robert Menendez following New York Senator Chuck Schumer as the only two Democrats to oppose the deal so far. 21 Democrats have said they will support it. And all Republicans are expected to vote against it.
Arizona senator Jeff Flake had been considered a potential ‘yes’ on the GOP side but he says the agreement is too broad and takes power away from the American government.

“The agreement ties the hands of Congress and future administrations by saying we can’t impose new or similar sanctions to what is there already.”

Now the clock is ticking, a 60-day Congressional review period ends on September 17th.Republicans need six Democrats by then to overcome a filibuster and thirteen to override a presidential veto.  Something the White House says isn’t likely to happen.

“We remain confident that we’ll have the support we need to withstand a veto if necessary.”

President Obama says he’ll veto any resolution that comes out of Capitol Hill rejecting this deal.
And without two-thirds support from Congressional lawmakers the deal is likely to move forward despite Congressional disapproval.

Traveling with the President in Martha’s Vineyard, Kevin Corke, Fox News

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