Osseo 5th Grade Boy Pays it Forward


A story from Osseo where a 5th grader is teaching the community what it means to pay it forward. Ajay Wilson has cerebral palsy and is not able to ride a regular bike. So last month the Osseo community came together to buy him a three wheeled bike. But it turns out they raised so much money he had some left over.

Fox 25-48’s Courtney Ryan shows us what he did with the extra money. AJay Wilson has cerebral palsy but he is teaching his elementary school how to pay it forward. “I wanted to do something nice for Payton. I just want to see her happy riding a bike.”

Last month the community came together and surprised AJay by buying him a new three-wheeled bike. “I had a lot of money left over and I wanted to do a favor.” At a school assembly this afternoon. He surprised his classmate Payton, who is legally blind with a similar bike. “It’s perfect for her because it’s low to the ground.”

Ajay’s mom Carmen: “He was excited because they had pink and it has flames on it and he thinks it’s really cool. He was worried about her favorite color. It’s nice to see he has a big heart and wants to give.”

Lacey, Payton’s mom says the entire experience is overwhelming. “I was trying hard not to cry because I think AJay is just doing the sweetest thing.” Lacey says Payton’s disability makes her hesitant about riding a bike. “It’s hard when you can’t see. My daughter will not ride a bike. She is not even afraid of it.” And for Payton she is super excited about her new bike. “I love it.”

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