Well, win or lose, one western Wisconsin household is filled with excitement.

Out of nominations worldwide, a local woman is one of the top ten finalists to become the next member of the green bay packers fan hall of fame.

Fox 25-48’s Abigail Hantke was in thorp today to talk to this Packer’s backer about her unwavering support.

It’s part of her extended family, she lives for the family but the packers as well

Don’t even think about changing the channel when this 93-year-old packers fan is watching her favorite team.

I hope they’ll go to Superbowl but we’ll see

Lanore Anderson of thorp could be the second consecutive person from the Chippewa Valley to be the next member of the Packer’s fan hall of fame.

One of our sons say you have more pictures of Brett Favre than you have of your family

Nominated by her family, Lanore raised a full house to cheer on green and gold.

With 8 kids in the family we all grew up Packers fans

Lenore’s kids say she’s the reason this was a house full of packer backers all of them, well except for one, dad.

He was a big Viking fan and we tolerated that

There wasn’t too much said during the packers Vikings game

Over the years of watching games, attending games and recording them to watch them again, Lenore says they’re a few things she’s noticed over the years.

Bigger, stronger, I think more injuries

Lanore says she’s quite honored to be one of the top ten selected and knows you can’t be a true fan unless you’re back the pack through the good and bad times.

“we stay loyal, win or lose

In thorp, Abigail Hantke, fox 25-48 news at nine…

Another top ten finalist comes out of La Crosse, that finalist is Karen Troyanek.

To help any of the finalists become the 19th member of the Packer’s fan hall of fame, you can vote online now at packers.com…

Voting will end at the end of the month.