WASHINGTON (Nexstar) – California’s congressional delegation is working with the Biden administration to get federal aid to deal with the storms. But lawmakers from both parties think there also needs to be a focus on long-term solutions to California’s weather problems.

The storms battering the Golden State are only the latest in a long list of weather-related problems for California. Democratic lawmakers say the severe weather impacting California highlights the need to address the larger problem, which is climate change.

“A lot of challenges with drought, fire and what have you. And certainly, it’s required us in California to start looking at how we can become more resilient,” Rep. Salud Carbajal (D-CA) said.

The inflation reduction and infrastructure laws both contain measures to fight climate change but as Rep. Jimmy Gomez (D-CA) points out, “people need to understand that this is not the end, it’s actually just the beginning.”

“It’s only going to reduce emissions in the United States by 40%. We still have 60% to go and we have to get China and India on board,” Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) said.

Now, Congressman Khanna is pushing for the passage of the TRIVE Act.

“Let’s put a trillion dollars a year in getting solar, in wind, in battery and high-speed rail,” Khanna said – adding that only bold action will deliver the needed solutions.

California Republican David Valadao says the state failed to prepare for the current storms on another level.

As some of California’s reservoirs start to fill up, farmers are asked to flood their fields — which Valadao says will negatively impact the nation’s food crops and farmers.

“And that’s what one of our frustrations for years is, that we haven’t invested in infrastructure to hold that water,” Valadao said.

Lawmakers hope the devastating storms will prompt changes.