Preparing for Super Bowl 51

We are now less than three days from the kick-off to Super Bowl 51 in Houston. Fans of the Falcons and Patriots are arriving for the big game. Reporter John Kucko joins us now with more.
Hey Bob, great to be with you, today the final day that players talked about the game, they go into silence mode until the game’s been completed on Sunday night in the stadium behind me.  
For the fans that come to the city of Houston, there’s plenty to see. They have what they call the fan gallery at the convention center in downtown Houston and one of the best displays is of the pro football hall of fame.
The folks from canton bring a lot of the history of the NFL to the Super Bowl site every year, taking you though the different generations of the game and re-living some of its history.
This is a big week for the hall as they will announce the 2017 induction class Saturday night here.  Among the finalists: Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones and flamboyant WR Terrell Owens so this is a big weekend bob for the hall of fame.
John., the Thursday before the game is the final time we hear from the players, what did the two starting quarterbacks have to say today.
You know there’s a lot of attention played on the two quarterbacks, Tom Brady and Matt Ryan and for Brady his mind is on other things as well, his mom has an undisclosed illness, 18 months ago, they announced it, didn’t get into any information, he’s had that weighing on his mind and nonetheless he remains focused on the game on Sunday.
Tom Brady / New England Patriots quarterback:
“Uou just have different facets of your life that you deal with at different times, you know I think over the course of a long career you get better at those things because you have to, you can’t let everything in your life affect the way you play.”
Matt Ryan / Atlanta Falcons quarterback:
“We kind of had this experience earlier this year in Seattle, we spent an extended period of time out there after playing Denver and understand you know kind of what the deal will be when you’re staying in a hotel, doing the game type of thing.”
Getting back to Brady’s mom for a moment, she hasn’t been to a Patriot’s game all season, very unusual for her, but she’s undergoing this battle with this illness, but rest assured, she’ll be here with her husband on Sunday night. Bob, back to you.
Thanks John. For football fanatics looking forward to this weekend’s super bowl, here’s a rundown of fox programming.
It begins Saturday at 6 pm with Inside the Huddle Legends: 20th Anniversary Special… And wraps up with the NFL honors show. Sunday’s coverage begins at 9 am with three hours of super bowl coverage up until noon. Starting at noon, Fox starts its pre-game coverage all the way up until 5:30 pm central time for the kick-off of Super Bowl 51 between the Falcons and Patriots.
Following postgame coverage, Fox will air 24: Legacy with First News at Nine coming up immediately afterwards.

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