Presidential Election Re-Count Begins In Wisconsin


The presidential recount is kicking off in Wisconsin and efforts are underway in Eau Claire County. Around 18 workers started hand counting ballots today and will continue to count tens-of-thousands of ballots in the town Washington over the next two weeks. Fox 25/48’s Jessica Bringe has more.

The presidential recount kicked off at 9:00 AM across Wisconsin.

“Everyone is working through just to verify the number on Election Day.”

Around 18 workers are hand counting every absentee, touch screen, and paper ballot in Eau Claire County.

“It just reaffirms and confirms the numbers and the accuracy and reliability of the equipment that we’ve used.”

Janet Loomis on the board of canvassers says Eau Claire county decided to hand count versus machine count every ballot.

“If you use the machine you’d have to put in a new programming, you ‘d have to publicly test it and then you’d have to hand count all the ballot. I don’t think there is much of a time difference.”

Inside this currently locked room in the Town of Washington are 55,000 ballots from across Eau Claire County and Loomis says they all need to be hand counted by December 12th. She anticipates it will take about 10 days.

“Next week if we’re not moving very fast we’ll have to work longer days.”

Experts say the outcome is very unlikely to change following the recount. Something Loomis says is being seen so far in Eau Claire County.

“We have found very little differences, a few discrepancies but how the machine counted something versus the eye can be because somebody marked it with a not correct marking pen.”

Loomis does hope this will show voters the accuracy of elections across the state.

“I’m hoping people will feel very comfortable with the elections and how clean they are.”

In Eau Claire, Jessica Bringe Fox 25/48 News at Nine.

Volunteers are being paid to help with the recount. There’s currently no word on that amount. The state elections board has given counties until 8:00 PM on December 12th to complete the recount.

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