Presidential Re-Count Underway


The presidential recount, which is currently underway in Wisconsin, is costing millions of dollars, diverting county workers from their normal end-of-year duties, and raising questions about the integrity of the vote.

It isn’t, however, expected to overturn Donald Trump’s victory in the state.

Recounts rarely result in victories being reversed.

Fair vote, a nonpartisan group that tracks recounts, shows three of 27 statewide recounts in the u-s between 2000 and 20-15 resulted in a change in the outcome.

The most recent was democrat al Franken’s US senate win in Minnesota in 2008.

A fair vote analysis found statewide recounts resulted in an average swing of 282 votes.

Trump won Wisconsin by more than 22- thousand votes.

Governor Scott Walker says he’s open to changing Wisconsin law to prevent candidates like Jill Stein who have no chance of winning in a recount to request one.

Walker told reporters Friday he assumes the results will be similar once the recount is done.

He says any time there’s a canvass or a recount, there’s slight adjustments, but he doesn’t expect president-elect trump’s margin of victory to change much

“The fact of the matter, I’ve made it clear I think we should just call it what it is – a fundraising scheme for the Green Party, they are using it not just to raise money now, but probably more valuable for them, getting all these emails for the future. Perfectly legal, their right,” Gov. Walker said.

Green party candidate Jill Stein requested the recount, which began on Thursday and must be completed by 8 p-m on Dec. 12th.

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